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How do indoor children's playground create exclusive naughty castle themed design features?

In the period of indoor children's amusement park market, although there are new indoor children's playground projects with novel themes, innovative theme and eye-catching theme, no matter how innovative , Feifan amusement equipment Co,.Ltd. recommend that everyone do it. The following three points, here we can run indoor children's playground to achieve long-term healthy development, establish their own indoor children's amusement park brand features!


First, increase the frequency of children’s parents’ spending in the store.

At present, the price of indoor children's playground equipment stores is about $20-$50. The long-term experience consumption is a huge expenditure and burden for the average family. In addition, due to the limited area of the venue, the freshness of the play items after repeated consumption is fresh. Down, many families are discouraged from this consumption. In response to this phenomenon, experts suggest that the indoor children's amusement park can be properly opened, the multi-scenario immersive play experience can be added, the indoor children's playground park entry threshold can be gradually eliminated, and the children's activity space and content can be designed differently according to different age groups. Make full use of high-tech and leading children's amusement equipment to attract people.

Second, effectively operate large indoor playground equipment .

Since a single small indoor house playground park can no longer meet the personalized consumption demand that has been upgraded, the indoor children's amusement park will use the expanded area as a competitive weapon, but if it chooses a large area, if its pulling power to the passenger flow is less than the effect ( That is, how much turnover can be produced per ping area.) The performance loss caused by the reduction is not worth the loss. Therefore, effective spatial layout should be carried out, interaction should be increased, reasonable layout should be carried out, and space and elements should be fully utilized to improve the efficiency. For example, combining the children's slides in the indoor children's amusement park with interactive projection technology, the slides can change a variety of games, and children can also interact with the projected game content; and can also cooperate with other businesses based on children's amusement equipment.

 效果图 (2).png

Third, to avoid the endless stream of indoor children's amusement park homogenization .

With the increasing number of indoor children's amusement parks in the market, homogenization is a problem that cannot be avoided from beginning to end. Therefore, indoor children's amusement park operators can integrate cultural and social aspects, and connect the indoor playground equipment Park with a cultural image that is widely known to children. By digging deep into the social and personality manifested by the cultural image, let Children experience novelty, happiness, and subtle experience during the play. This difference separates the children's amusement playground from the competition, making it impossible for competitors to catch up, and giving the children the ultimate mode of play experience is also an effective way to quickly raise awareness.



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