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200 square meter children indoor park cost analysis

First, equipment costs

There are a variety of amusement equipment in the children indoor park, different equipment and different prices, and equipment costs are the main cost of investing in an amusement park.

Turning horses, self-controlled planes, small trains, etc. are popular amusement equipments for children. The 200-square-meter children's playground is recommended to be a horse-changing horse, supplemented by small trains. If conditions permit, you can also plan a place to be used as a bumper car. Absolutely attract tourists to stop, if combined, the cost of equipment is about $15,000-$26,000 USD.

Second, the venue rental fee

The local consumption level directly determines the rent of the children's park, and the consumption level mainly depends on the first-tier city or the second-tier city, whether it is a city or a village.The economic conditions of different regions are different, so everyone should calculate according to their local consumption levels.

Third, the renovation costs

The main body of the children indoor play zone is the child. The decorative style is best suited to the child's preferences. It can be the candy style, forest style, marine style, etc. that the child likes. The color can be brighter so that they can attract children. 

Children park is to be hardcover or simple, this should be renovated according to their own budget, the cost of ordinary decoration is about $88usd / square meter, the renovation cost of 200 square meters of children's park in the early stage is about $17,600USD.

Fourth, staff costs

If necessary, you can recruit suitable children indoor park staff, and you can guide children to play correctly.  Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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