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Design strategy for children's play facilities

1. Facility environmental safety

Safety is fundamental to the design of children's playground, and it safety is not only manifested in the normative nature of the facility itself, but also in the level of children's intuitive perception of the product.

2. People-oriented emotional experience design

The design should follow the principle of people-oriented, fully consider the sensory experience of children, pay attention to the emotional input of design, enhance the emotional factors of fun, challenge and aesthetic taste, leaving the space for children to imagine, thus creating interaction and resonance.

3. Comprehensive multi-element stimulation

It is the child's nature to like the sound of knocking on objects. Through the injection of audition information, children can be brought into a more specific situation to experience the game itself, thus enhancing the appeal of the game and forming a good interactive experience.

4. Through the story to set off the environment

Storytelling and listening to stories are the basic abilities of human beings, and for children, they are absolutely attractive. Through the introduction of the story, the environment can be created to promote and promote the products, so that the situation of the children's playground equipment is more dramatic, thereby enhancing the experience process. The traditional children's play system is no longer adapted to the development needs of contemporary children. Starting from the concept of experience design, through the analysis of the various elements of the experience design of indoor children's playground equipment, the effective integration of the object resources, the psychological satisfaction in the experience process, the support of the service and the creation of the environment can enhance the quality of experience.

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