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How should an indoor kids play park be designed?

1. Understand the needs of children

It is important to understand children and their needs. Children have the right to play games, see delightful colors in the game, experience the joy of the game and the happiness of learning from it. Children's games have no clear purpose, just an instinct. Their game is a reflection of the adult world and is a complete person in their way.

2. Divide age grouping

Who is your target age group? Consider which age group needs? First determine which age groups the playground will serve. Happy Hale planning a park for this is a crucial process. Because to build a fully functional indoor playground, you must fully consider the different needs of children of different ages and the stage of development they are in. If the playground also needs to accommodate children with disabilities, their special needs must also be fully considered.

3. Objective conditions of the site

Define the area and boundaries of the playground. Pay particular attention to the objective factors that affect the placement of rides, such as waterways, obstacles, lampposts, etc.

4. Entrance and exit of the venue

The location of the kids indoor park must consider the surrounding traffic conditions, whether it is convenient to ride a bicycle or skateboard in the playground, whether it is convenient to carry a baby carriage or a wheelchair.

5. Equipment placement and color

Light, shadow, sun, wind and other factors must be considered. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious, and bright and cheerful colors will bring happy emotions to children. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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