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How to build a indoor children’s play places for all-round development 2?

Family service

The service of the indoor kids play places belongs to a soft function and is one of the important indicators to highlight the characteristics of the playground. Many times, parents will be willing to spend a long time in a amusement park, in addition to that the park is helpful to children, and there is a playground that can give parents a sense of comfort. How to reflect this comfort? For parents to set up a rest area, provide tea, massage chairs and other services, you can also provide WIFI free of charge for parents to wait in the waiting. In order to make your park unique, operators can provide one-stop services for parents, such as children's hairdressing, children's clothing, children's photography, etc., to enhance the customer's viscosity and satisfaction in the children's playground.

Design the playground as a stage for performances

A children's playground with performances is a development trend in the future. The performance space is to design the playground into a large stage concept, and design a unique full-field lighting change program and theme music, and control the lighting of the entire park through the control room. Music changes. At the moment of performance, the whole theme park will become an oversized SHOW field, let the children show their talents in the children's play area, create their own personality, and exert their strengths to cultivate children's morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor. Comprehensive ability.  Guangzhou Feifan Amusement equipment Co,.Ltd.

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