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How to choose indoor children's playground equipment manufacturers?

With the heat of indoor children's and children's naughty amusement equipment, various children's playground equipment problems are inevitably slowly exposed, causing many concerns, especially the safety of children's playground equipment is the most important issue in this industry. In particular, if there is a security problem in the peak of the major holiday passenger flow, the delay may be the income of the entire festival. So How to choose indoor children's playground equipment manufacturers? Feifan amusement equipment Co ,. Ltd . for everyone to analyze:


First, the choice of indoor children playground equipment manufacturers should be cautious 

We must first ensure the safety of naughty amusement equipment, the manufacturer is the first level, first of all, the manufacturer must strictly control the quality, materials and processes can not cut corners, after the completion of the production to do a lot of running experiments to test the naughty castle. Naughty castle amusement equipment operators should pay attention to the quality and strength of the manufacturers in the selection of manufacturers, inspection should not be sloppy, should be fully loaded after the installation is completed, if there are problems on the spot.

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Second, do a good job in the naughty castle amusement equipment installation test .

After purchasing the children's playground equipment, the naughty castle manufacturers will provide the basic construction drawings of the corresponding equipment before installation. In the construction of the site, the construction should be strictly according to the map. If the site is in operation, this problem should be eliminated in time before the holiday. 


Third, do a good job of daily maintenance and overhaul of playground .

In the operation of children's naughty castle equipment, timely inspection and frequent maintenance are required. When the equipment runs abnormally or abnormal noise is issued, the equipment operation should be stopped immediately, and the cause of the failure should be checked. The fault can be completely eliminated before the operation can be continued. The bearings and arm of the equipment need to be added with lubricating oil and should be checked and added frequently. The screws should be checked and fixed every day. If you don't know how to maintain, you must consult the non-sail amusement equipment factory.


Fourth, the service personnel of the naughty castle facilities must have their own safety awareness . 

In fact, many safety accidents are caused by children's inadvertent attention. As a child amusement equipment operator, every time the equipment is operated, it should be checked whether the passengers are safely prepared, and some passengers who are not paying attention to safety should be reminded in time. In order to avoid accidents.


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