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How to choose the right children's playground equipment?

Today's children's playground equipment is prevalent. On the whole, children's playground is an expansion activity equipment that combines the functions of toy facilities and sports equipment. It plays a role in improving the overall quality of children while playing. Children's amusement equipment can discover children's creativity, let children know their potential, enhance self-confidence, overcome psychological inertia, hone their perseverance to overcome difficulties, inspire imagination and creativity, and improve their ability to solve problems. Think, discover, and wake up in a specific environment, re-understand and reposition yourself and the team. Different indoor children's playground equipments have different developmental effects on children. How to choose the appropriate children's playground amusement equipment? What are the children's playground amusement equipment? Let's take a look at Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment :


Water roller: Children use a smart and agile movement to control a floating ball on the water. The water roller can exercise the child's limb coordination.


Happy Octopus: Children use the method of climbing, climbing, etc. to maintain the balance of the body in the rotating happy octopus, and promote the development of children's waist, back, abdomen and limbs.


Coconut tree: Children climb and sit in parallel rotation of safe coconut trees, coordinate and coordinate with upper and lower limbs to form a new balance experience, and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability.


Water slides: Dynamic elements have been added to the traditional concept slides to make them useless and visually fresh. Children enjoy the happy moments of sliding down the water slides, making the water more pleasant.


Children's waterbed: Children's perception of the smooth, soft and unstable nature of the waterbed, under the natural state of the challenge, accumulation of control and active body experience.


Children's climbing pavilion: Children continue to climb up on the sliding pole of the climbing pavilion, and press the button when climbing to the top. The success of this adventure not only can exercise children's adventure, tenacity, but also let them experience it. A sense of accomplishment after the mission.


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