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How to cooperate in opening a indoor children's park to enter a large shopping mall

I believe everyone knows that in some large shopping malls and shopping malls, the traffic of people in shopping malls is usually very large. Therefore, many investors want to open indoor children's parks in these places that are easy to attract customers. Then, if you want to park an indoor children's park in a large shopping mall or supermarket, it is not so easy and easy. You need to negotiate with the mall to cooperate with the indoor children's playground project. How do we negotiate?


  1. Fully prepare various materials before negotiationnt.

    Learn more about the general price of supermarkets and supermarkets, determine the psychological reserve price and maximum price of the negotiations; correctly assess the status, influence and estimate monthly sales of indoor children's parks in supermarkets; if possible, understand the situation of negotiators: Including personal background, hobbies, etc. This information may be used at some point.

  2. We must know how to grasp our initiative during negotiations.

    For the first time dealing with shopping malls, we must be good at using off-site relationships, invite "important people" to negotiate outside the venue through various channels, so that we can take the initiative in the psychological; understand the regional economic environment, business district, consumption characteristics and other factors, and indoors Children's naughty amusement park's popularity, promotion activities and other aspects to the mall to promise, in order to increase the weight of the negotiations; and supermarket negotiations, you can make some concessions on some open indoor children's park issues, let the other party feel Your sincerity, on other issues, to fight for your own interests, has made concessions on the previous issues, the general situation will not be embarrassing.

  3. Negotiating flexibility, breaking the deadlock in negotiations

    Negotiations sometimes fall into a deadlock because of the persistence of both sides. At this time, we should think more about ways to make the follow-up negotiations come to an end smoothly.

    * Keep in touch and emphasize the agreement reached between the two parties. It is recommended that both parties cherish it.

    * Consider appropriate concessions, preferably on secondary issues.

    * Provide an indoor children's playground package for the other party to choose.

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