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How to improve the safety of the kids soft playground 4

Second, the relevant safety slogan notice

There is no rule, no way to run a children's indoor playground house. In order to protect each other's rights and avoid conflicts, operators who are children's soft play parks need to inform customers about some tips. The equipment should be affixed or hoisted with a warning sign indicating the age, height, physical condition of the child and the prohibition of any past medical history. The safety index, stimulation level and maintenance status of the equipment are displayed in a conspicuous place. The venue should arrange the staff, strictly guard the child's height and weight age, explain the basic situation of the equipment to the parents, and let them judge whether the child is suitable for playing the equipment.

Third, daily operation security

For example, the children in the amusement park are too crowded. Crowded people will exceed the load-bearing limits of amusement equipment, which can easily lead to safety accidents. Therefore, operators should be aware that they cannot control the number of players because they are driven by interests. In the event of a security incident, it will only bring incalculable economic losses to the operators in terms of economic losses, let alone other serious problems brought about by public opinion. Therefore, the operator should not neglect the possible hidden dangers for some small profits.

Fourth, strengthen staff safety awareness

This is undoubtedly the most important. The venue staff needs to be rigorous. If there is any problem in the venue or equipment, they should stop playing and handling immediately. The physical and mental condition of the tourists should be evaluated. Patiently persuaded the tourists not to leave the equipment safely. Staff members should be trained in relevant skills before they are employed, such as equipment commissioning and control, and basic first-aid means. Only through examination can they be qualified for employment. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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