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How to make indoor children's park marketing work better and better1?

1. Pursue win-win and cooperation

In addition to preschool children, the Children's Playground project also addresses the worries of parents. In this regard, the Children's Park can try to unite groups or businesses with common target customers, share resources, and pursue win-win. This not only makes children and friends happy and play, but also meets the social and leisure needs of parents. It has great benefits for parents, children and amusement park. It can be said to be three birds!

1 cooperation camp of the surrounding industry

Agreeing with the operators of neighboring and different formats, such as maternity stores, clothing stores, children's photography stores, small supermarkets, toy stores, etc., which are operated by indoor children's parks, such as how many vouchers and experiences of spending the park Coupons or jointly launch a set of discount packages and so on. Businesses who belong to the same business circle can promote each other, take advantage of each other, and achieve mutual benefits.

Non-relevant business cooperation joint venture

Such associates include pharmacies, fitness clubs, beauty salons, mobile Unicom, catering, etc. The starting point for consideration is that the indoor children's playground meets the children's recreational needs while also taking into account the various welfare needs of parents. They are the real consumers behind the children. The purpose of the cross-investment joint venture is to mutually benefit or sponsor the valuable resources. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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