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Indoor play spaces near me

1. “Big” is a competitive weapon, blindly expanding the area, and lacking a strong layout plan.

In addition to expanding the area, the operators of the indoor play spaces seem to have no other way to make themselves stand out from the competition of other children's parks. Due to the lack of reasonable layout planning, excessive waste corners are generated, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency.

2. The popularity of amusement content is universal, and there is a lack of competition differentiation.

At present, the children's play places  in China is basically a “pure play” children's playground, in which cultural and social manifestations are very few.

3. Membership policy is limited to the gift of gifts, lack of customer viscosity

Member operations are very good solutions to improve customer viscosity, but because of the limited understanding and mastery of member technology, there is currently no successful membership system operation in children's parks.

4. Concealed engineering wiring, regardless of equipment update requirements, new equipment is difficult to update

After the completion of the construction, few operators will pay attention to leaving an accurate concealed construction drawing, and of course, there is no wiring reservation in the design. As a result, if the device is updated, only the device similar to the original device can be updated, which inevitably reduces the marketing effect and the customer experience effect brought by the amusement park device update. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Co,.Ltd.

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