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Indoor playground How to maintain the old customers 1 ?

1.Indoor playground old customer principle

The customer is a person, a perceptual person, and the heart can truly touch people in order to win the trust of customers.

Always remember: We are sales people, and it is our duty and duty to create sales performance. We do all the customer maintenance work to create sales and promote brand image!

2. What is an old customer?

Standard definition: Old customers are those who are already familiar with and have used corporate products and services, and have varying degrees of desire to purchase and act. In general, old customer marketing is generally divided into three steps: building relationships, promoting consumption, and daily contact.

3. How to create a file

Most of the establishment of old customers comes from the store, and each store should have a detailed customer profile.

Hardware file (importance 20%): name, gender, approximate age, address, phone number, spending amount.

Software files (80% importance): work status, family status, personality, personal consumption habits, daily entertainment hobbies, lifestyle habits, acceptance of promotional information, values. Using the database, customers can also be analyzed for differences and identify “golden” customers. kids indoor playground.

It is recommended that the store can conduct a “customer file” evaluation by means of games or competitions, and evaluate the most complete and effective archives and rewards the old customer profile data registered by the store employees in terms of quantity and quality. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipement Co,.Ltd.


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