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Invest a kid indoor playground set

Naughty Castle is also known as a children's paradise. It is a new type of children's play product designed according to various natures and characteristics of children's early growth. It is formed by scientific combination of three-dimensional design. It is a collection of play, sports and puzzles. A new generation of children's play center with functions such as fitness。


Indoor playground Note

1. Large-scale power outages have caused the playground set equipment to stop. Don't be alarmed. As long as you follow the staff's arrangement, you can fully guarantee the use of mechanical, manual, and backup electric power to guide tourists safely to a safe place.

2. In the event of a fire in the indoor playground park, passengers are often unable to move passively by the safety equipment and can only passively wait for rescue, thus losing their ability to escape. Therefore, do not put paper dust, wrapping paper and other waste in the gaps of the amusement equipment to avoid fire. If you find someone smoking in your neighborhood, you should remind the smoker not to throw cigarettes in the playground. When you throw the cigarette butts into the trash can, please confirm that it has been extinguished. When you board the equipment, you should pay more attention to see if there is any flammable around. And report the staff in a timely manner.

3. When you are riding a children's play equipment and other amusement equipment including revolution and rotation, if there is any discomfort, please immediately indicate to the staff with gestures and expressions. The staff will promptly stop the machine and arrange the body according to the specific situation. Uncomfortable tourists rest or treat. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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