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Kids soft playground equipment

Complex structure combination

Such as balloon houses, ice and snow, etc., usually combined with slide ball pool combination. This kind of equipment is an essential part of the playground. When you receive the children's favorite, you can also increase the play space of the paradise through the double platform.

Rotate swing rides such as coconut trees, big ball trees, dolphin swings, etc. The height of this kind of play is about 2.8 meters, and the color is bright, which is the highlight of the park.

Climbing recreational equipment, such as animal forests, rotating the earth, rotating rock climbing, etc. The courage and courage of such a playful exercise for the little baby is most popular with the boys.

Rotating Trojans are the most popular among young girls, and they have their princess dreams.

Waterbeds, there are fish, turtles, octopus and other small animals in the water. Every child can come to the beach and study for a long time.

Trampoline games:

The traditional trampoline is a spring-drawn net structure, and the new trampoline is an inflatable cushion. The former is suitable for children of certain ages to look for stimulating feelings, the latter suitable for children, so that they do not feel scared while feeling stimulating.

Occupation experience class:

With the popularization and development of the park, there have been gradual emergence of simulation experience projects, such as ocean sand pools, real fish catching, sand painting, etc., not only play but also experience another simulation environment.  Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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