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Long-term management of indoor children's amusement parks requires a variety of empathy?

With the prevalence of the indoor children's amusement park industry and the implementation of the second-child policy, the development prospects of the indoor children's amusement park industry must have been said to be more than everyone's talks. Investors who have poured into the indoor children's amusement park industry Gradually, some people are still involved, and they don’t have a deep understanding of the industry. They think that indoor children’s parks only need to find a good location, and then choose a reliable non-sail amusement park equipment manufacturer to buy a better set of children’s playground equipment. It is possible to carry out the project very well, but the facts are not so simple. How can we better manage indoor children's playgrounds? Feifan amusements believe that doing business is the most important thing. If you want to do indoor children's paradise, you must have thinking and transposition thinking.


  1. Multi-point initiative to change and change the mindset

    In this fast-developing world, how to keep up with the pace of the times, guide or cater to the needs of consumers, and change thinking is especially important. Seeking change is not a blind change. Good things can be preserved, but some places can do better, such as newer children's rides, more intimate service initiatives, more effective promotion methods, and better. The indoor children's playground management mode, etc., the accumulation of advantages every bit, in order to make yourself stronger.

  2. Multi-point empathy, transposition, doing things

    The indoor children's park belongs to the service industry. How to do a good job and attract more customers to consume is a must. Transposition thinking can help businesses to do better. If you are a customer, what kind of experience do you want your child to get? When you come to the indoor children's park, what kind of service do you want? Everything starts with the user's needs. It is a very important point to give customers a better impression.

Feifan Amusement focuses on the development and production experience of indoor children's play equipment for nearly ten years. It has a group of R&D teams with profound understanding of children's play and psychological characteristics. Based on the principles of green health, education, and children-oriented design, for children. Design an indoor children's amusement park that is happy to play together. Design an intimate and unique parent-child space for children and parents, and strive to make children's language, communication, creativity, problem-solving and attention work through various games. And promotion.

The theme of the Feifan indoor children's playground is more than ten kinds, and the latest hot theme: the theme of children's naughty town, everyone is eager to consult and order ~ still ask to open an indoor children's park to do the details of those places ? Indoor children's playground equipment manufacturers Feifan amusement has told everyone the answer, indoor children's park to join, children's play equipment, children's park prices to find Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment manufacturers.

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