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Pay attention to these when invest in an indoor playground

1. Business license

The best indoor playground belongs to a special industry, so you must remember to get the business license from the local industry and commerce bureau. The business license can be written on a name of toddle park and go to the local tax bureau to apply for a tax registration certificate.

2. Correct positioning

No matter how good the customer base of the indoor kids playground is, it is impossible for all the children to meet the amusement equipment of the indoor children's playground. Because the children like each age are not the same, so this piece is worthy of investors' thinking. This can be said to be the so-called positioning.

3. The location is very important

The indoor playground can be opened in a place with a lot of traffic, such as shopping malls, communities, stores, supermarkets, etc. The operation area of the indoor children's park plays a big role in the later management channels, so investors must pay attention to it.

4, Health, clean

The amusement equipment is played by children every day. It is hygienic, clean, bright and tidy. It is also an important part. Unhygienic and unclean amusement equipment, not to mention infectious diseases, even from the visual sense. It’s daunting. Imagine seeing dirty equipment. Will parents worry about letting children play?The amusement equipment of the indoor playground is played every day by childrens. Therefore, the recommendation for hygiene is cleaned daily and disinfected regularly. This ensures that the indoor children's playground is clean, so parents can rest assured that the children can play here. Suggestions can be obvious. Make a public sign on the location. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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