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Playsets to kids play for sale

Market research: Now it is a family of only children. Providing a good environment for growth for the next generation has become an indispensable obligation for modern families. For example, when a young parent chooses milk powder for his or her own child, the first question to go to the mall to ask the salesperson may be which milk powder is best. The Jewish business rule is to earn money for children and earn money for women. Therefore, we don't think it is necessary to consider whether parents will let children come to us to play, but to consider how to let parents bring children to play with us. Another aspect is whether there are enough potential customers around the store for us to develop, which is what we need to know in the early stage. According to our experience, having more than 300 families within a radius of 500m can provide enough traffic for an image store with a playset area of 100 square meters. In the last aspect, if our products are stationed near the community so far, it is still relatively small in the market, because professional indoor amusement parks like us have not yet formed a competitor. Since our amusement park is indoors, the impact of the weather on our operations is greatly reduced compared to other existing rides. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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