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Seven points to make the adventure indoor play area break through 2

3. Incorporate IP scale expansion

As the size of the park increases, the gameplay that comes with the theme is naturally more and more diverse. Many people still stay in traditional slides for child indoor play area, but they have been exposed to the interactive slides that inject new blood. The traditional slides are slowly eliminated. The new slides and trampolines not only inject the projection technology, but also incorporate the exclusive Andersen image IP, vivid cartoon image, interesting interactive forms, and let the children play with it. This is why many children's parks choose to join and introduce Rongbao Interactive. Research and development of amusement products.

Second, how to break through?

1.  Achieve differentiated management

A. Service differentiation

The amusement toys provided by the children's park can be changed into different games and activities every day, so that children can have fun and are willing to experience again.

B. Learn cross-border management

Don't limit the amusement park to amusement. You can add some links, let the children make friends in the children park, or learn relevant knowledge. Parents will be more willing to spend.

C. Subdivision age positioning

As the “cake” of the indoor playground is getting bigger and bigger, the amusement project is becoming more and more segmented. Whether your children's park is for boys or girls, is it for 0-3 or 3-6, not for all children in general. Children of every age must be fully understood because their preferences and needs are different.

To achieve differentiated services, different regions can be divided for different age groups. For example: a baby area suitable for children under 2 years old, a hands-on area for school-age children, and a climbing area for older children. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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