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Seven points to make the adventure indoor play area break through 3

2. Combined with high-tech interactive technology

The combination of children's formats and the latest technological means to bring children's entertainment, games, video, animation, education and other children-related industries to the consumer in the form of the Internet. Such as: projection croquet and so on.

A variety of interactive projects, interactive sand pool, interactive croquet, wall interaction, interactive slides, interactive climbing, choose one or several amusement equipment that is most suitable for the park, so that the "new and tired" children consumers are always fresh Increase brand loyalty and consumption stickiness.

3. Expand the surrounding industry to open customer connections

Around the Indoor play area, the children-related industry is extremely popular, which is the changing direction of the mall business in recent years. It is a feasible idea to divert children's needs and meet the needs of parents.

4. Partial upgrade to create

For a large children's playground, the overall transformation is difficult. It may be worthwhile to consider adding some fresh blood to the park through partial project adjustments or upgrades to help the park to revitalize. This requires us to choose the future direction of the children's playground when selecting equipment. For example, in addition to the traditional park, it is suitable to match the currently popular interactive multimedia products, expand climbing, parent-child interaction, etc. Combined products. In order to be more safe, during the construction of the park, the wiring is reserved, which is convenient for the later replacement of the equipment.

5. Improve parental participation and identity

Although the children's business is mainly aimed at children's groups, the real buyers are parents, so how to grasp the parents' mind is the key point to solve the customer's stickiness. It is also possible to hold some parent-child interaction activities on a regular basis, featuring parent-child baking, interest classes, birthday parties, etc., so that parents who are purely accompanying play more participate in the project and enhance parental participation. More space for parent-child interaction.

6. Member hierarchical management for customer portrait

The information management of shopping centers is an inevitable trend in the future development and has become a consensus in the industry. Accurate marketing is based on a good understanding of the customer, member rating management and big data analysis provide the decision-making basis for the shopping center. “Portrait for the customer” is no longer a new word. Children's formats can also be used in their own projects, and they can be targeted in operational management.

7. Create a indoor play area atmosphere

Children like to go to the lively places, the most important thing to create an atmosphere is popularity, as long as there is a popular place, do not promote, people will run to see. It can be combined with the characteristics of the project to create a unique environment, which makes people feel immersive, and children are more likely to be immersed in it. At the same time, the new children's play equipment needs to be equipped with one or two staff members to explain the gameplay of the equipment, and explain in detail what novelty games are available. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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