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Seven points to make the adventure indoor play area break through 1

First, the status quo characteristics

1. Old gameplay is still new

Many years ago, unpowered amusement equipment mostly existed in a single form, mainly concentrated in outdoor or inflatable castles, trampolines, slides and other mainstream project equipment, but subject to the technical level at that time, many amusement facilities exist in a single form, even if combined It also failed to form a clear theme and a rich amusement park system.

2, IP is not enough new ideas

Because of low energy consumption and low operating costs, the early unpowered equipment amusement parks have low barriers. Most merchants adopt low-cost, unlimited-time play and other business strategies. Although they have successfully attracted traffic, they are creating themes and IP shaping. There is no way to change the gameplay settings, and there is no intention to change.

However, this situation has fundamentally changed in recent years. With the liberalization of the second child policy, the demand for family fun is very strong. The traditional adventure indoor play area can't satisfy the playground where every family wants to interact with children. The characteristics of parent-child interaction and entertainment are very attractive to a new generation of Chinese families. Therefore, under the stimulation of investment, market and other factors, traditional amusement facilities have gradually been eliminated. Rongbao interactive research and development, blending Andersen's fairy tale IP image children's projection interactive games, is loved by the family. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipmen Co,.LTD.

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