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Steps to invest in a kids play center

Pre-investigation - If you want to invest in a children's playground, it is recommended to visit a more successful playground before investing, and then draw up information on your own site area, customer base and theme of the playground. With this information, we can find the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will also make a plan for the playground based on the information you provide. At this time, we can choose the final partner according to these plans.

Negotiation Venue - The venue is the premise of opening a playground, and we also need to design our playground according to the existing venue. When choosing a venue, we must choose a good location, such as a large supermarket entrance or a shopping mall. In this way, a certain amount of passenger traffic can be guaranteed. For children's playgrounds, for fire safety, it is best not to choose to open on high floors. Before we talk about the venue, we need to know the area and floor plan of the venue.

Playground design - For the design of the playground, the general manufacturer will provide this service. Of course, you can also find some professional design companies to design the drawings of the playground. At the time of design, you need to provide the information on the site area. The floor plan and the requirements of the playground, and then the designer will design the drawings of the playground based on the information you provided.

Negotiate the price of the equipment - if it is directly produced by the manufacturer, after the drawing is designed, the price of the product will be calculated. If the design is responsible for the design by the professional design company, it is necessary to discuss the price with the manufacturer. For different manufacturers, the pricing method of products is also different. Some calculate the price by area, and our children's garden calculates the price according to the specific product. If the price is settled, then the payment and contract issues are raised. It is recommended that when communicating with the salesperson, try to get the most initiative, so that it can dominate the subsequent cooperation.

Installation and finishing of the equipment - after signing the venue, the venue can be renovated. At the same time as the renovation, we can also start some preparatory work for the opening of the business, such as the opening of the publicity activities, various tickets and publicity of the playground. The printing of the page and the recruitment of the staff. When signing a contract with the manufacturer, it is necessary to determine which party is responsible for the transportation and installation of the equipment. After the arrival of the goods, the equipment can be installed and ready to be opened! Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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