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The location of indoor children's playground is a key step in investment projects

Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment Co,.Ltd. sharing the analysis of several children's playground site selection skills:


First, choose a region with high frequency of commercial activities

Such areas are usually commercial centers, downtown areas, and frequent commercial activities, such as Wanda Plaza and Wangfujing Department Store. These shopping malls are relatively high-end, and good shopping malls are generally popular. Of course, the rent is not cheap. The land of gold, but the difference in passenger flow is also relatively large, and the turnover will be higher.


Second, choose a convenient transportation area

In the vicinity of the main station or subway station, or in the street where the customer walks no more than 20 minutes, which side is more favorable for business, it is necessary to observe the pedestrian traffic on both sides of the road, with one side with more pedestrians.



Third, choose areas with high population density

Opening a store near a large community, the population is relatively concentrated, and the population density is high. The frequency of parents taking the children to visit is relatively high, and the business is good. In this type of area, there are people of all ages and social classes, there will be more customers, because the population is very large, it is easy to apply for membership cards, so sales will not suddenly rise, can guarantee the store A quick return of cash flow.



Fourth, the choice of the corner is ideal

The corners are ideal for living, and they can create a corner effect at the intersection of two streets. The advantage of the corner position is that it can increase the area of the window display. The flow of people from the two streets is concentrated here. There are more pedestrians crossing the road, and more than two entrances can be used to ease the crowding of people. Since the store is facing two streets, choosing which side to use as the main entrance of your store becomes a very important issue. The general practice is to choose a street with a large traffic flow as the main entrance of the store, that is, a storefront and a street with a small traffic flow as a side door.

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