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These functional areas are good for creating a indoor soft play area 2

3. Children's Leisure Puzzle Park - Parent-child indoor playground

Studies have shown that parental involvement can have an impact on children's cognitive and non-cognitive skills. However, at present, parents are unable to accompany their children because of their busy work, and because they do not know enough about their children, they cannot master effective early intervention methods. This functional area is designed primarily for this situation, through expert training, to teach parents how to think about children, how to influence children's ability at an early stage. In addition, the functional area will also set up some educational and entertaining projects to promote the harmonious development of parent-child relationship through parent-child cooperation.

From a practical point of view, the purpose of the enterprise is to obtain economic benefits. As long as it can generate economic value, the enterprise will not consider the function of the toddle playground. Therefore, the character park still faces many problems in the process of practice. Children's parks are mainly based on shopping malls or community children's service centers. Although these children's parks can provide children with a degree of release of nature, and enable young parents to play with children, due to early childhood in China Education research is not deep enough, products lack innovation, and homogenization is more serious. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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