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These functional areas are good for creating a indoor soft play area 1

Although the early childhood education market has developed rapidly, it is mainly based on children's leisure. It has not yet paid attention to the cultivation of children's cognitive ability and non-cognitive ability.

1. Children's Leisure and Puzzle Park - Character Park Function Area

The character park function area is mainly developed for children's different personality traits. The open personality mainly sets up some projects that can stimulate children's imagination, such as children's hand-made; the responsibility is to cultivate children's courage and perseverance, etc. Some expeditionary projects; extroverted to develop children's interpersonal skills, can set up some cooperative completion projects; emotional stability mainly cultivates children's psychological quality, enhances children's self-identity, by affirming children's performance, let children live in Teaching the feelings of self-fulfillment in pleasure; pleasantness mainly affects children's sympathy, empathy, cooperation and competition, and can develop children's abilities through professional experience projects.

2. Children's Leisure and Puzzle Park - Dream Park Function Area

The functional area of the Dreamland is mainly based on the ability to train children, and it can play an important role in enlightening the children's future career. For professors, scientists, and senior managers, cognitive ability is more important than non-cognitive ability. This functional area mainly predicts the child's future career, enhances the child's professional skills through the role of social roles, predicts the child's cognitive ability, and allows the child to recognize the direction of their interest and the career they want to pursue in the future. Guangzhou Feifan Amusement Equipment Co,.Ltd.

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