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What are the benefits of indoor children's naughty castle for children?

1. Activities of shaking and acceleration.

The equipment for this type of activity includes swing slides, swing machines, electric toys, etc. in indoor house playground . After the baby can sit still, he can ride the gems, sit on electric toys or small slides, and provide stimulation of the vestibular system with a large amount of acceleration and sudden decrease speed to make the child's nerve pathway smooth. After 3 years old, let him swing, slide and take the small train, so that they can enjoy endless fun in the increase and decrease of the speed of feeling.


2. Rotating activities.

Indoor playground equipment has turn horses, track trains and so on. Most children like to hold the rotation, but some children are afraid of rotation, because his brain can not adapt to the rotation of the stimulus. Therefore, when children with fear of rotation play kindergarten slides, don't force them to play games that rotate too fast. Instead, they should play games with large arcs and slow rotation speeds, such as sitting on a small train to make the adjustment function of their vestibular system. The opportunity is slowly strengthened. Children who like to rotate can let them play these rotating activities. As for the children who especially like to rotate, because their vestibular system has insufficient response to the stimulation input, they can let them sit more and rotate quickly, so that the slow vestibular system can get stronger stimulation and help normalize.


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