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What are the details of those places to open an indoor children's park?

It is really exciting to start an indoor children's playground park . In particular, many parents are willing to take their children to the indoor children's playgrounds in major supermarkets during the weekend, so open an indoor children's playground. To do the details of those places? It is essential to prepare for the Feifan amusement equipment Co,.ltd. of the indoor children's playground. Let's introduce the Feifan amusement to everyone:

First, the preliminary investigation of the indoor children's park

If you want to invest in the children's playground, it is recommended to visit the more successful indoor children's park before investing, and then draw up information on the size of the site, the customer group and the theme of the children's indoor playground . After that, you can find Feifan make a plan for the indoor children's playground.


Second, the indoor children's playground to discuss the site of the selection

The choice of a good venue for an indoor children's playground is a prerequisite for a children's playground. Investors need to design their own playground based on the existing venue. The choice of venues for children's amusement parks is critical and is an important factor influencing future venue revenue. The venue should be selected in a business-intensive area, a densely populated area, a passenger flow center, a crowd gathering area, a large supermarket entrance or a shopping mall, preferably a large shopping street. Although the good location rent will be higher, the traffic will be larger, which will ensure the passenger flow of the children's park. For children's playgrounds, for fire safety, it is best not to choose to open on high floors. Of course, before talking to the mall, you should know the area and floor plan of the venue .


Third, the interior design of the indoor children's playground

For the design of indoor children's playgrounds, the manufacturers of naughty castle generally provide this service. Feifan amusement equipment Co ,.Ltd.  professionally designs the children's playground to produce drawings. At the time of design, the information that investors need to provide has the site area, electronic CAD drawings and The requirements of the playground, etc. .


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