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What are the details of those places to open an indoor children's playground?

It is really exciting to start an indoor children's playground industry. In particular, many parents are willing to take their children to the indoor children's playgrounds in major supermarkets during the weekend, so open an indoor children's playground. It is essential to prepare the details of those places for the preparation of four aspects of the Feifan amusement in the indoor children's playground. Let's introduce the Feifan amusement to everyone.



  1. Pre-study of indoor children's park

    If you want to invest in a children's castle park, it is recommended to visit the more successful indoor children's park before investing, and then draw up information on the site area, the customer group and the theme of the children's naughty park. After that, you can find a Feifan Amusement or a playground brand operator of the front park and back factory of the children's playground equipment manufacturer, and make a plan for the indoor children's playground.

  2.  Indoor children's playground to discuss the site of site selection

    The choice of a good venue for an indoor children's park is a prerequisite for a children's playground. Investors need to design their own playground based on the existing venue. The choice of venues for children's amusement parks is critical and is an important factor influencing future venue revenue. The venue should be selected in a business-intensive area, a densely populated area, a passenger flow center, a crowd gathering area, a large supermarket entrance or a shopping mall, preferably a large shopping street. Although the good location rent will be higher, the traffic will be larger, which will ensure the passenger flow of the children's park. For children's playgrounds, for fire safety, it is best not to choose to open on high floors. Of course, before talking to the mall, you should know the area and floor plan of the venue.

  3. Interior design style of children's playground

    For the design of indoor children's playgrounds, the general children's park manufacturers will provide this service. Feifan Amusement specializes in designing children's playgrounds to produce drawings. At the time of design, the information that investors need to provide has the site area, electronic file CAD drawings and amusements. Field requirements, etc.

  4. Children's playground equipment purchase

    If the picture is directly produced by the indoor children's park manufacturer, the price of the product will be calculated after the drawing is designed; if the design is carried out by a professional design company, it is necessary to negotiate the price with the manufacturer and directly find the Feifan Amusement. No design fees are required. For different manufacturers, the pricing method of products is also different. Basically, it can be divided into various methods according to products to calculate prices and package by site area to calculate prices in the coming year. After the price is negotiated, it is a problem with payment and contract. It is worth noting that when communicating with the store consultant, you should try your best to get the most initiative, so that you can dominate the follow-up cooperation. When signing a contract with the manufacturer, it is necessary to determine which party is responsible for the transportation and installation of the equipment. After the arrival of the goods, the indoor children's playground equipment can be installed and ready to be opened!

After signing the venue, the venue can be renovated. At the same time as the indoor children's playground, you can also start preparations for the opening of the business, such as the opening of the publicity activities, the printing of various tickets and publicity pages of the playground, and the recruitment of clerk. Of course, the specific investment cost also needs to be based on the indoor children's playground brand selected by the investor and the scale of investment. The indoor children's park brands selected by investors are different, the investment scale is different, the decoration is different, and the expenses required will be The difference.

Feifan Amusement focuses on the development and production experience of indoor children's play equipment for nearly ten years. It has a group of R&D teams with profound understanding of children's play and psychological characteristics. Based on the principles of green health, education, and children-oriented design, for children. Design an indoor children's amusement park that is happy to play together. Design an intimate and unique parent-child space for children and parents, and strive to make children's language, communication, creativity, problem-solving and attention work through various games. And promotion.

The theme of the Feifan indoor children's playground is more than ten kinds, and the latest hot theme: the theme of children's naughty town, everyone is eager to consult and order ~ still ask to open an indoor children's park to do the details of those places ? Indoor children's playground equipment manufacturers Feifan amusement has told everyone the answer, indoor children's park to join, children's play equipment, children's park prices to find Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment manufacturers.

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