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What are the marketing strategies for indoor children's playgrounds?

Opening an indoor children's playground marketing has certain special methods, mainly in the following: the decision-making power of children's consumption is in the parents, the playground not only has to win the children's love, but also the parents' approval, at least not to let the parents resent; indoor children's play The field project has certain timeliness. After a certain period of time, the child's freshness will be reduced; therefore, the target customer of the indoor children's playground is a child. Safety and environmental protection are issues that must be considered. The non-sail amusement children's playground equipment manufacturers analyzed the following points in detail for everyone:


The name of the indoor indoor children's playground marketing strategy is the key

To give the indoor children's playground a proper name, just as a person must have a name, the playground also needs to have a name that is close to the target customer's mind and easy to remember. You can give a name to your target customers (under 6 years old or 6-10 years old, etc.), such as feifan town, feifan children's park and other more lovely names.

The promotion of indoor children's playground marketing strategy should be done well

*. Freely issue balloons, print the name and address of the playground on the balloon, and send it to children in the bustling area of the business, which will be good. In addition, you should set up a prominent sign in the underground shopping mall to guide customers to the playground.

*. Leaflets, brochures, printed leaflets, brochures, etc., distributed in schools, kindergartens, and neighborhoods, on weekends in shopping malls, on-site delivery, and near playgrounds.

*. Create billboards, leaflets, billboards at the door, and X stands at the front desk or prominently. Considering that the indoor children's playground is underneath, it is necessary to make a large billboard on the ground, and it is best to make a guide sign on the ground and on the ground.

*. Clipping promotion, newspaper folder advertisements can be tried, the effect is good, the investment is low, and the effect can be monitored. Since the effect of a single page is very small, it is recommended to use the two-fold page promotion, which is designed to be a beautiful cosmetic model. The content is an introduction to the indoor children's playground and business philosophy, as well as a monthly theme activity. Highlight the difference in children's playgrounds and leave a strong impression on those who come into contact. If you find the advertising agency, you can work. I choose to choose a community with more young households and more children.

*. Cooperate with the exchange of advertisements, negotiate with various kindergartens, children's toy stores, and children's photography stores to conduct advertising replacement cooperation. Put the partner's promotional materials on the checkout counter, the customer can give a piece of information for reference when they check out; put relevant information at the merchant's checkout counter, and the customer naturally enhances the store's popularity when spending indoor indoor children's playground. Specific programs such as: purchase (consumption) full x dollars in the store, free to xx indoor children's playground to play xx days.

*. Send a text message out of the group, “Short Group Sending”sends monthly theme activities and recent promotional offers to mobile phone customers. These customers may not come to participate, but may recommend his relatives and friends to come to the indoor children's playground to play. The cost of text messaging is low, and with mass-marketing, the cost is very low, much more economical than flyers and newspaper ads. (Method: Send a text message to indicate the time of the event, indicate the subject and content of the event, and what items to give. If you send a database, you can check it out.

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