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What is the difference in how the indoor children's playground operate in different regions 1?

Site selection will play a very important role for an indoor children's playground park. Many park investors will choose to open a children's park in a place with a large population density, a large target group and a bustling business. The passenger flow is guaranteed and should be guaranteed. In order to be guaranteed. However, different regional areas have different ways of how local children's parks operate. Let's take a look at Feifan amusement equipment Co,.Ltd.


Large shopping mall area

Large-scale shopping malls such as shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping plazas, and other indoor children's playground in commercial areas face a variety of customer groups, mostly with strong spending power, fashionable consumer concepts, high demands, pursuit of individuality and characteristics, and focus on quality and Customer service. The most attractive for this type of customer is the personalized children's playground and high quality service.

Management method:

1. The decoration of the children's naughty castle can highlight individuality, novel and fashionable play products, and entertaining and so on. These are the extra points of the children's playground equipment, which can attract customers to enter the consumption.


2. Organize interesting and interesting theme activities from time to time, such as Children's Summer Vacation Happy Camp””. These interesting activities are beneficial measures to retain customers and achieve long-term profitability.


3, Pay attention to thoughtful and thoughtful details, high quality and excellent service, attract customers to actively carry out cards, and retain customers for a long time.

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