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Why do you need an innovative business to open an indoor children's playground?

With the improvement of living standards, the entertainment needs of people and children are increasing, and indoor children's amusement parks are loved by many entertainment and leisure methods. But at the same time, with the increasingly fierce competition in the indoor children's amusement park market, operators are occupying a place in the market to attract more customers. For the equipment operation of the children's playground, there is an irreplaceable influence, the popularity of the venue, the open indoor children's amusement park, the innovation and innovation is the king of the king of the operation, the following children's paradise equipment manufacturer Feifan for the following analysis:


  1. Master market trends, clear product orientation

    Taking the research market demand as the starting point, through extensive inquiry and statistical analysis of the spending situation of children's playground amusement projects within a certain area, and drawing results and rules, summarizing the characteristics of market demand, and clarifying the most popular amusements in the market. The project, which constitutes the first step of innovation, provides the most powerful coaching for innovation.

  2. Different combination method

    In the children's paradise amusement industry, especially the experiential project innovation, the combination of the different approaches is a lower cost and easier to complete. It includes an internal combination of different rides, as well as a combination of water play and land play projects, which are combined to form a new casual entertainment experience, but this combination is not only novel, unique, comfortable, but also reasonable. The functional area is allocated properly.

  3. Change the whole environment, build a new atmosphere

    Ambient air has an important impact on the appeal of indoor children's playground projects. There are usually two problems in the environment. First, the environment is relatively old-fashioned. In some indoor leisure and entertainment projects with long operating hours, the environment usually looks aging, stale, and the atmosphere is dim. Many playgrounds with long-running time have such problems, and can be updated through the update of the environment. For the children's playground equipment where the operation period is long and the floor, wall and glass are aging, it can pass the replacement of the floor tiles, the wall painting, the decapitation of the rest seats around the playground and the leisure places in the playground. From the beginning to the design to improve the overall environment, build a new amusement atmosphere, complete the indoor children's playground playground all the updates. Second, the atmosphere is relatively monotonous. Many leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the creation of the whole environment, which is relatively monotonous. At this time, the unique characteristics of the project can be combined with the unique characteristics of the project to create an immersive experience.

  4. Strengthen the sense of participation of visitors, create a different way of experience

    Participation and experience are central features of leisure and entertainment projects. In terms of the innovation of the amusement project, some of the less-participating projects of tourists can enhance the attraction of leisure and entertainment projects by strengthening the participation of tourists and constantly striving for different experiences.

  5. Update hardware devices Leading the trend

    For the indoor children's playground project with a short life cycle, the screening of hardware children's playground equipment is relatively fast, which requires constant updating of equipment; and the equipment update is not only the old one, but the new type of entertainment. equipment. However, updating hardware equipment requires an increase in investment, so it is necessary to establish a scientific analysis and guessing of new equipment.

Feifan Amusement focuses on the development and production experience of indoor children's play equipment for nearly ten years. It has a group of R&D teams with profound understanding of children's play and psychological characteristics. Based on the principles of green health, education, and children-oriented design, for children. Design an indoor children's amusement park that is happy to play together. Design an intimate and unique parent-child space for children and parents, and strive to make children's language, communication, creativity, problem-solving and attention work through various games. And promotion.

The theme of the Feifan indoor children's playground is more than ten kinds, and the latest hot theme: the theme of children's naughty town, everyone is eager to consult and order ~ still ask to open an indoor children's park to do the details of those places ? Indoor children's playground equipment manufacturers Feifan amusement has told everyone the answer, indoor children's park to join, children's play equipment, children's park prices to find Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment manufacturers.

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